"Playing Tomorrow's Polkas.... Today!"
Polkarioty - a polka / variety band featuring a blend of many styles of
music.  Be it a polka, waltz, country, rock, latin, or just about any other
style of music, we play it with enthusiasm, energy and stage presence to
bring you a mix of music and show.
Making sure we have a good time so you can have a good time
and an enjoyable live music experience!!
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Our band books as a two, three or four piece group.  Also, Richie
performs occasionally as a one-man-band.
Listen to samples of our music, click on the
CD Baby Music player on the left.
Each week we will feature the
back ground on one of our
original songs that we have
written over the past 50 years.
This will include information on
why we wrote the song, what
may have inspired us and
recording notes such as how
we recorded and on what
format the song was
recorded.  Please let us know
if you find this interesting!
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