Kathy "Princess" Konkol:  Drums, vocals, saxophone.  Her polka
debut began at the age of 14. Some of her accomplishments include: Several high
school musician awards both at the local and state level & 1st runner up in the Miss
Teen Wisconsin pageant.  She has recorded multiple albums and performed with
several other WI polka bands, including an appearance with the Polka King
himself, “Frankie Yankovic”.  For the past several years she has been a performer
in the “Richie Yurkovich Band.” She brings energy, a bright smile and musical talent
to the stage!
Jeff "Cooter" Walker: Accordion, button box, guitar, banjo, keyboard,
and anything else we ask him to play!  In the Polkarioty band we feature Jeff in
many ways to take advantage of his many musical talents. The northwoods ace musician
has had his own band for many years and his musical versatility has him in demand as a
sideman in a variety of musical groups. He has performed with a variety of well known
artists. Jeff also hosts his own weekly polka radio show heard across northern Wisconsin,
Michigan's U.P.and parts of northeastern Minnesota.
Scott "Humble Servant" Benson: Guitar, drums, banjo, vocals.  He has
a versatile music background having played and recorded with several polka bands
including Richie Yurkovich and also the  Frankie Bucar and  Ray Ahlgren bands from
Minnesota.  He is a member of the popular Marshfield, WI based group “Whoz
Playing” and was a founding member of the local  50’s-60’s group, the “Atomic
Tailfins”.  Scott also worked as a drummer-vocalist with Eau Claire based groups
“Redwing” and country-rock act, “The Marshall` Star Band”.   
He also did studio
recording for the “Mike McIntyre Band”.
Richie "The King" Yurkovich: Accordion, button box, vocals,
midi effects
.  He has had his own band, for over 30 years, recorded 24 albums,
owns his own recording studio, hosted many tours in the U.S. and abroad and has
performed across the United States including more than 70 shows in Branson,
MO.  In 2001 he was inducted into the
Ironworld Polka Hall of Fame.  With his
accordion, bass and midi effects, he gives the band the sound for which they are
**Visit Rich's own website soon @ RYProductions.com**
Mitch "Prince Stich" Yurkovich: Mitch brings energy and charisma to the
group. He has played either full or part-time with the Richie Yurkovich Band for the
past several years. In high school he played trumpet, drums and percussion.  At the
UW-Stout he was a member of the concert band and played percussion.  He has also
performed with the Jeff Walker Band and the Mike McIntyre Band.
He is also a
regular performer in his church group.
Mitch helps give Polkarioty the versatility they
are so well known for.    
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Richie Yurkovich has been providing music for polka fans for over 30 years.
From the very beginning, The "Richie Yurkovich" band has consisted of
very talented  musicians who have brought individualism, character and class
to the band. In 2002, Rich, Kathy, Karl & Scott formed the band we know
today as "Polkarioty." There was a new sound, a new look, and an energy
that set this band "On Fire!" Polkarioty is looking forward to providing many
more years of music for the every growing fans, bridging a gap between the
eras & having a
great time doing it!
Meet the Band:
Karl "Mr. Ass" Wallin:  Banjo, Guitar &
. Karl has performed with a variety of bands,
including country, 50's, rock, blue-grass and of course
polka showcasing his talents as a musician and
Scott "Kudatz" Koehn:  Accordion, button box, keyboard, vocals.  
Scott joined our band in 2007.  Over the years he has appeared with many of the all
time greats in the polka field including Frankie Yankovic, Walter Ostanek, Vern &
Steve Meisner and more.  His outstanding musical talent combined with his charming
personality make him a great fit in our band.  Whether playing 2nd accordion, hot
licks on the piano keyboard, or sliding on the keys with his "pink" sock,  he gets the
job done!!
Gabe "The Queen" Yurkovich.  Drums, Vocals.  Gabe (Gabrielle) has
been a member of our band since the 1970's as either the full time drummer or
filling in when needed.  Her main instrument in high school was the saxophone and
played that many times in the early years of the band.  Her out-going personality,
solid beat and pleasing vocals make her a crowd favorite whenever she performs.
She has also released her own CD titled
"Beatin' It Up".  It features some of
her favorite songs and is available on our orderform page.
Other musicians who perform in the band on a part-time as needed basis include:
Rob Wernberg / Banjo, Guitar, Bass
Kevin Bixby / Drums    
Kevin Genrich / Sax, Clarinet, Vocals
Austin Walker / Drums
Lynne Proksch / Drums, Vocals
Pamela Koehn / Percussion, Vocals